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Retained Solutions

Our premium Retained Service is designed to research, engage and retain exceptional talent for your team.

Our refined approach improves the opportunity to make contact with the maximum number of credible candidates suited to your requirements from within a competitive landscape with the ultimate goal of providing a dependable and professional resourcing solution.

A Retained Service from Concept Resourcing delivers you the best candidate for your vacancy. We thoroughly assess the suitability of your candidates against the agreed skill set, relevant experience and cultural fit for your business. Ensuring that the shortlist of candidates we deliver are an ideal match for your requirements.

How does it work?


True Understanding of Your Requirements

We start any Retained Service by meeting with you to discuss not only the role at hand but also to learn more about your business goals and culture to provide us with a thorough understanding of your needs. In turn we can then represent your business accurately to the candidates we speak with, and provide them with more in-depth knowledge of the opportunity than a typical recruitment process.

Because we work as an extension of your business, any candidates we send your way are already fully bought in to your brand and the opportunity on offer. Rather than simply seeking another role, many of the candidates we source for you are passive candidates who are only on the look out for the best role on the market – yours.


A Shortlist you can Rely On

We have an exclusive network of candidates who simply aren’t available in the public forum. Our candidates are committed to us and the roles that we can offer them. Should a candidate within our network not be a suitable match for you, we’ll conduct extensive executive searches in order to deliver you a handpicked shortlist of candidates that best match your business.

As the candidates we source have already been fully informed of the role and benefits of working for your organisation, they are fully bought in to the role right from shortlist stage.


Interviews Conducted on your Behalf

Our leading video interviewing software allows us to screen your candidates over video, attach a CV and share it with you. Our video interviews help reduce your time to hire and give you confidence in shortlisted candidates by allowing you to quickly assess both their technical and soft skills before deciding whether to invest time into interviewing them in person.

This unique approach grants you ultimate flexibility in your hiring process as you can review the video interviews in a timeframe that works for you, reducing the typically lengthy process of interviewing candidates alongside your other responsibilities. With Concept’s Retained Service, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that all interviews are being conducted for you.


A Seamless Process

Our Retained Services support you through every step of the recruitment process. Once you have chosen your top candidates we help with all interview scheduling, any technical testing and can also arrange for additional screening tools such as psychometric testing. When you’ve found your ideal match we work with you on offer management to ensure that candidate expectations are in line with the package on offer.

Working in partnership with you in this way from initial position scope through to offer acceptance and candidate start means that we can provide you with the simplest and most efficient route to hiring a new member of staff to your team with the least disruption to you. With us, your recruitment is in safe hands.


Premium Products as Standard

Utilising our Retained Service mean that you have access to all of our premium services as standard. From salary benchmarking and consultation on job specifications to branded advertising and your own microsite further showcasing your business and current opportunities to our candidates alongside our leading video software our Retained Service provides you with all the tools you need to attract the best talent available to your organisation.

Our expert consultants utilise their in-depth knowledge of your industry and connect exceptional people with the excellent opportunities that you provide.


Why Choose Retained?

We have a proven process with regular updates that means you know what to expect every step of the way.

We assign you a dedicated account manager and, because you are working with us exclusively, you won’t have to keep track of multiple suppliers.

When approaching candidates we present ourselves as an extension of your team and through a better insight of your business are able to find individuals who want to work for you. They are not just looking for ‘another job’.

We keep in touch with your candidates every step of the way which means we are aware of and able to manage any other opportunities they may have, reducing the likelihood of a drop out or counter offer.

Our thorough process helps us identify the ideal candidate first time. Meaning they are fully bought in to the role and business and less likely to leave you due to misinformation.

By using our retained services you differentiate yourself as an employer and send out a clear message to candidates that you believe in and are happy to truly invest in human capital.


Want to find out more?

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