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HR Consultancy

With an increased reliance on HR in the current climate, you may find that you need some help or that your existing team is at capacity. If you could use some advice or an extra pair of hands to ensure your workforce is well looked after during this time, Concept’s HR Consultancy service can help.

In addition to helping you find the right people for your organisation, we can also make sure they’re well embedded into your business and are more likely to stay there. Having teamed up with some of the best HR consultants on the market, we’re pleased to be able to help you with the below services.

How does it work?


Redundancy Support

With the HR and business landscape constantly in a state of change due to the pandemic, you may find yourself in need of support when it comes to making structural changes and redundancies in your organisation. We can help you to avoid costly mistakes with our expertise in supporting businesses through redundancy processes.


People Strategy & Implementation

They say a business is only as good as the people in it, which is why you need a clear and defined people strategy to inform your recruitment and development activity.

Concept will not only help you map out your people strategy, looking at which areas of your organisation could use finetuning, but we’ll also implement it for you or guide you through implementing it yourself.


Performance Management & Development

We don’t just find incredible people to join your business, we can also help ensure they’re bringing you their very best each day with clear development and performance management.

Whether they’re still a fledgling junior or a senior business leader, we’ll work with you to develop well-defined performance plans to set their expectations right off the mark. We’ll even manage your appraisals for you to ensure each member of your team is as productive as possible.


Sickness & Absence Management

Keeping on top of employee sickness and absence can be a headache at times. With Concept’s flexible outsourced HR consultancy, we’ll take charge of your sickness and absence tracking and management.

Our HR consultants will work with your managers to help reduce sickness and absence in your team overall, and offer guidance with more complex long term absence cases.


Individual & Team Coaching

To get the best out of your team, you have to celebrate their strengths and nurture their weaker areas. Many businesses are too time-poor to be able to do this themselves, enlisting the help of an external coach can make all the difference to your team’s performance.

With the help of our HR consultants, you can tease out those leadership qualities by enrolling your team on our one to one training courses or by booking them into one of our workshops.


Settlement Agreements

Terminating your staff’s employment is never an easy task. If you’re looking for a clean break between your business and an employee, Concept can help you avoid any employment tribunal claims that can come with terminations.

Our HR consultants have extensive knowledge in securing settlements to help everybody walk away from the situation happy and content.


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If you'd like to discover how Concept can help you with your HR strategy and delivery, get in touch with our HR Co-Ordinator, Chloe Swain, today to make an enquiry.

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